Essential Information

Group Size

All hikes have a minimum of 2 persons. Please note that food is not supplied on day treks, however Lunches or dinners can be arranged

Possible Inclusions for Hikes if needed:

  • Shuttle to and from cruise ships
  • Transport from the Kona side of the Island
  • Chairlift Vans (where applicable)
  • Lunch and or Dinner
  • Rental of hiking equipment: - Backpack, pack liner, water proof pants, water proof jacket, binoculars, trekking pole and emergency kit


Our Hikes are modelled on supplying clients with quality, well serviced tours. We recommend the following:

  • Water -approximately 1.5 litre capacity (not supplied)
  • Soft soled trekking boots - comfortable ankle support, broken in
  • Long pants - pants that have zip off legs are ideal
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera
  • Binoculars (not supplied)


Lunches and Dinners for Hikes can be brought or you may include them on your tour for an additional cost per person. Lunches need to be ordered the afternoon prior to Hike departure. They will be available on the Hike.

Click on the Island for a Google Map to the Hike site

Welcome to kalapana

The Ninth wonder of the world.

Our tours start at just $99.00 Person and begin in the parking area of the Kalapana Lava Flow itself - at the end, the very end, of Highway 130 - just past the town of Pahoa, on the southeast side of the Big Island of Hawaii. Here at, we always provide you with a local Hawaiian guide to help you to the Flow, and an experience you will never forget!

A place like no other

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Big Island of Hawaii is the most isolated place on Earth. The wonder of this place simply cannot be fully appreciated by mere pictures or videos!

Experience the wonder

Vast, surreal lava fields streaming from towering mountains who from the depths of the Pacific Ocean below. Lush, remote valleys and landscapes of Waterfalls. Miles upon miles of remote black sand beaches -this is the Big Island of Hawaii.

lava by boat

Our extremely popular Lava Boat tours provide an exellent view of all the action Pele has to offer!

Continue the journey

If you are a true Lava fanatic and experiencing the flow from the ocean is a must, we have Lava Boat tours! Click the link below or visit to book now!

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